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CPU: Intel Pentium IV 1.7 GHZ 256K ATC, Socket 423

Motherboard: Asus P4B-WA, S478, i845, ATX, 6 PCI/1 AGP, 3 DIMMs

Memory: No Brand 256MB PC800 RDRAM

Drive A: PANASONIC 1.44 MB Floppy

Drive C: WESTERN DIGITAL 100GB, U100, 7200RPM

Drive D: LiteOn 16X DVD-ROM, 22160 kB/s, 100ms, IDE, Int

Drive E: Asus 16X10X40X CD-RW, 1500 kB/s, 2MB, 120ms, IDE,

Sound Card: CREATIVE LABS SoundBlaster Live! X-Gamer 5.1, PCI, 64

Speakers: CREATIVE LABS SoundWorks 5-pc, 4x6W Satellites, 1x17W Subwoofer

Case: CasEdge LX734A/250 ATX Midtower Case, 3x5.25"/2x3.

Video Card: ASUS V7100/T Pro, GeForce2 MX400, 64MB SDR, AGP 4X, TV

Modem: Smartlink 5634PES Softmodem, 56K, PCI, V.90, Fax, Int

Monitor: Envision 710E, 17 , 0.27mm, 1280x1024, White

Network Adaptor: SMC 1244TX EZ Card 10/100, Fast Ethernet PCI adapter

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition

Pointing Device: Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse, USB/PS2, 2-Button

Keyboard: FUJITSU 8725 PS-2 KEYBOARD

System Assembly: BuildMyPC Basic system configuration and Driver Installation
Total Amount Calculated: $1,913

Included free with every system we deliver is the following:
Warranty: 3 years
On-site support: 3 years
Tech support: 3 years
Plus a copy of the book PCs for Dummies

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